Can I Go Over My Pre-Approval Amount?

Can I go over my pre-approval amount? If you’re shopping for homes outside of your pre-approval limit, then learn where the extra funds need to come from in this video, “Can I Go Over My Pre-Approval Amount?”:

What if You Shop Outside Your Pre-Approval Amount? 

So what exactly happens if you shop outside of your pre-approval amount? For instance, let’s say that you are approved for $300K, but you find your perfect home at $325K. Where does that extra $25K come from? You will have to talk to your lender about this, but more than likely that $25K is going to come from your pocket as cash that you will bring to the closing table.

Your lender will tell you how much your closing costs are and what your down payment will be according to your loan. So if you go over your pre-approval amount limit, the amount of the home over your pre-approval amount will be an additional amount to the other fees that you will have to bring to the closing table.

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