No Inspection Contingency

What does it mean if you have a no inspection contingency in your offer? Let’s talk about it in this video, “No Inspection Contingency”:

What is a No Inspection Contingency?

If you choose to include a no inspection contingency when you purchase a home, you can still have a home inspection. However, adding this contingency into the offer means that your offer, or the contract, is not contingent on the home inspection.

So if you do have a home inspection and you find multiple things wrong with the property, you still must go through with purchasing the property. Adding a no inspection contingency means that you’re saying you will buy the property as is, and that if you have a home inspection, that the purchase is not contingent upon the home inspection results.

Make sure you talk to your real estate agent about this before including it in your offer. Discuss what adding this contingency means versus if your offer did not include a no inspection contingency. 

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