What Does “As Is” Mean?

What does it mean if you decide to buy a home “as is”? Let’s talk about what you’re signing up for if you buy a home “as is” in this video, “What Does ‘As Is’ Mean?”:

What Does As Is Mean in Real Estate?

If you buy a home “as is” that means exactly what it says – that you’re buying the home exactly as it is. Which means the seller isn’t going to make any repairs. The home is being sold as it is. The status that the home is in when you tour the home will be the same condition that you’re buying the home in.

“As is” means no repairs will be made to the home. You might be able to negotiate some seller concessions on a home that is listed “as is”, but don’t count on it. Just know that the condition of the home when it’s on the market will be the condition of the home when you purchase it. Talk to your real estate agent about the advantages and disadvantages of buying a home that’s listed “as is” to see if this is something that could work for you. 

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