What is a Homeowner’s Association (HOA)?

What is a HOA? A Homeowner’s Association (HOA) enforces rules in subdivisions or neighborhoods. So buying a home with a HOA means you’ll have to follow certain covenants and restrictions. Find out more about HOAs in this video, “What is a HOA?”:

HOAs in Alabama

A HOA usually comes with a subdivision and includes covenants and restrictions for living in the subdivision. Be sure to ask for a copy of the covenant and restrictions before you write an offer. This way you’ll know what’s to be expected when living in the subdivision. 

The covenants and restrictions will tell you the rules of living within the subdivisions. A lot of people aren’t sure what these covenants and restrictions are as they never read them, but they are important, so take time to read over and understand these rules if you’re buying a home with a HOA. 

HOA rules are usually for the better of the whole neighborhood! For example, there could be a rule that all homes need to bring in their garbage cans after pickup or keeping your yard mowed. Different HOAs cover different things.

Be sure to ask about HOA dues. Are the dues owed monthly or yearly? Each HOA is different. Another question to ask about a home with a HOA is if there are any pending assessments against the subdivision as a whole? The reason you want to ask about this is if you do buy the home, you could move in and then all the sudden you receive a surprise bill in the mail because there’s been a special assessment that’s been given to every homeowner.

So make sure that you get a copy of the covenants and restrictions and that you read and understand them and the rules and bylaws for living in the neighborhood. This will save you surprises in the future!

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