How Technology Helps Buy a Home

The advancement of technology has made a drastic impact on the way we live our lives. We can now search for virtually anything online and get answers fast. Technology isn’t slowing down anytime soon.

Homeowners can use technology to turn on lights, lock doors, and even view security footage at their homes! Now, technology is changing the way that people buy and sell homes.

Technology has changed the process of buying and selling real estate not only for buyers and sellers, but for realtors as well! The real estate industry can move faster and has more information accessible online, making the process easier on everyone.

We are going to cover the exciting ways of how technology has changed the process of buying and selling real estate and how realtors are taking advantage of technology. Everything has changed with how technology helps buying a home.

The Biggest Differences Technology Has Made for Buyers

Buyers used to have to make calls and talk to realtors throughout the entire home searching process, but now you can look at homes from your phone while you’re on the go! We’ve been in Disney and seen people house hunt while they’re in line for a ride! The old ways of picking up sheets outside of houses for sale are gone!

Online home searching is now the easiest way that buyers lookup homes. Sites like Zillow,, and Trulia are popular house searching sites. Buyers can select a neighborhood or area and find homes online from wherever they are.

Houses on the market have professional photographs of the homes so that potential buyers can decide if they like a home before they even go see it in person. There is detailed information, so buyers can decide if a home fits the criteria for them with a quick look.

There are now virtual tours for homes so potential buyers can view the home without stepping inside. More and more realtors are even using FaceBook Live for viewers to see a house or attend an open house. There will even be 3D tours in the future!

Buyers can do a lot more research on their own whereas they used to rely on realtors to find properties for them. There are apps that give users notifications when new properties become available. Buyers want information now and technology is giving it to them!

Potential buyers can look up more than just homes. They can also search other important information for buying a home like neighborhood and school district information. Buyers can also use Google maps to see what’s in the area around a home that they like.

Technology is giving us everything we want to know and more about a house on the market. This makes the buyers feel like they are more in control of the process instead of relying solely on their realtor.

Buyers can also search for the right realtor for them on social media or online. Technology is changing the entire process, not just for buyers, but for sellers and real estate agents. With the rise of technology, anyone looking for anything in the real estate industry can obtain information quickly and easily.

The Biggest Differences Technology Has Made for Sellers

Technology has also made changes on the sellers’ side of the real estate process. Home sellers need to be aware that most buyers are searching for homes on their phones now, so quality pictures are key.

You need professional photos, especially with the age of Instagram. Dark photos from your phone aren’t going to cut it anymore. Your home needs to appeal to potential buyers not only in person, but online too.

Sellers will also find that technology has made a huge impact on the marketing side of things in real estate. Most realtors will market your home on social media as this is a great way to reach potential buyers.

Some home sellers are even starting to use social media to find their realtors. Having a realtor is something that hasn’t changed even with all of the advancements technology has made in the real estate industry. Realtors are a huge part of the buying and selling process.

Why You Still Need a Realtor

Even with all the technology out there, the buying a selling process is still the same, so real estate agents are needed to help take care of things for their clients. Realtors make the home buying and selling process easier on their clients.

While technology is helping with the home buying and home selling process, realtors continue to be a big part of the process. They can help you not only find the right home or a buyer for your home, but they will also help through the entire closing process.

Realtors will be able to help answer any questions about mortgages and loans or direct you to someone who can. There is a lot that goes on during the closing process and realtors make sure that everything gets taken care of.

Another reason to use a realtor is that they have access to active listings online. Some online sites still show expired, under contract, and even homes that have been sold for over a year! Your realtor has access to all the homes on the market that you can see.

While finding homes online is now easier with all sorts of sites at your fingertips, you will still need a realtor to view homes. Even though there are professional photos of homes on the market now, you still need to walk through homes.

Pictures can show a lot, but not everything and you can’t tell if there are any odors in pictures. Real estate agents can walk you through the property and answer any questions you may have.

Technology is helping the entire real estate process and realtors are using technology to help with their part as well, including social media. More and more realtors are using social media platforms to interact with their clients and find future clients.

Realtors are learning to stay on top of their social media. Most clients want a quick response and potential clients don’t want to wait days for a response. Technology is changing the real estate industry for all parties involved.

Technology for Realtors

There are current ways that technology has impacted changes to the real estate side of the process including signing documents electronically instead of in person with your realtor. This makes the process easier and faster for all parties involved.

The same goes for clients applying for mortgages online. Technology is making everything faster and accessible for everyone! Gone are the days when future clients used to spend hours in real estate offices.

Now, everyone wants information at the tips of their fingers and they don’t want to wait. Technology is only ramping up in the real estate industry and it will change the way clients buy and sell their homes.

As part of the Keller Williams real estate team, we will be releasing new technology this year that will make the home buying process easier for our clients! Houses coming on the market and going under contract will be updated in real time so that our clients can get the best service.

Technology is only helping the real estate industry and we can’t wait to see what’s next!