Dog Parks in Birmingham, Alabama (2023)

Looking for a dog park in the Greater Birmingham, Alabama area? Then this list is for you! There are plenty of places to take your furry friend(s) in Birmingham. Let’s take a look at all of the dog parks in the Greater Birmingham, AL and surrounding areas here!

We’ll start with dog parks in the Birmingham area and then move out towards those surrounding the Greater Birmingham, Alabama area. 

CityWalk Barkery Dog Park – Downtown Birmingham, AL

There’s a dog park right in downtown Birmingham! That’s right, how cool is this? CityWalk Barkery is located in the new area called City Walk, nestled in between the playground, Uptown, and not far from the new Protective Stadium! It’s right under the interstate, so you’ll be walking under the bridges downtown (and if you’re there at night you can see the colorful bridge lights!). 

This dog park features two gated fenced-in areas, one for large dogs and the other for small dogs. There’s astro turf grass, small pools for your dogs to cool off on, jumping tracks, benches for you to sit at and plenty of space for your dogs to run! There’s also plenty of shade for you to enjoy as your dog runs around and different obstacles for your dogs to play on.

This dog park offers annual memberships and even day passes. Check out CityWalk Barkery and learn more about this unique dog park on their website:

City Walk Barkery Dog Park

815 24th St N

Birmingham, AL 35203

The Good Bar and Dog Park – Downtown Birmingham, AL

While you’re downtown checking out CityWalk Barkery, head over to The Good Bar and Dog Park so you can have a drink while your dogs continue to play! This park is close to the rotary trail, so you could even go on a walk on the trail with your pup while you’re in the area. 

This dog park is located in an old brick building and is open on two sides, closed off by chain link fences. There’s a leash-on arena inside for your dog to enjoy and a leash off area as well. This inside park is on astro turf and has tunnels and other features for your dog to play on, and the entire place is shaded since it’s inside a building, so it’s a great place to enjoy the outdoors without the sun shining directly down on you and your dogs. 

If you like this dog park vibe, then check out some of the local breweries downtown! A lot of them allow dogs to join you, you just have to keep them on a leash. Learn more about the rules for each brewery before you head over. Look into Back Forty, Good People Brewing Company, Cahaba Brewery, Avondale Brewing Company, and Ghost Train (2 locations) for more trendy locations like this one.

Check out the Good Bar and Dog Park’s website for more information including hours, day passes, and other details before you go!

The Good Bar and Dog Park – Rotary Trail

2307 1st Ave S, Birmingham, AL 35233


Remy’s Dog Park – Red Mountain Park, Birmingham, AL

Get outside with your dog for a trail walk and some fresh air at Red Mountain Park! When you get to the front entrance, take the first right and follow the short trail through the woods. This dog park is exactly what you’d expect, enclosed woods and plenty of shade!

There are three separate dog pens for your dogs to enjoy! Each enclosure has a lot of space for your dog to run and play fetch, as well as benches for you to sit on and dog dishes for you to put water in for your dogs. The only thing about Remy’s Dog Park is that only one dog family is allowed inside each enclosure at a time. So depending on how busy the area is, you and your dogs may have to wait your turn.  

Of course, you can also hike Red Mountain with your dog, as long as they stay on a leash!

Learn more about Red Mountain Park’s hours and rules before you make a trip:

Red Mountain Park

Remy’s Dog Park

2011 Frankfurt Dr

Birmingham, AL 35211


Loch Haven Dog Park (aka Hoover Dog Park) – Hoover, AL

The dog park in Hoover has two separate pens for large and small dogs and there is no limit on the amount of dogs or dog families for each enclosure. There’s plenty of shade inside the pens and benches and seats for you to rest at while your dog plays. There are also plenty of ‘dog park toys’ and obstacle courses for your dogs to enjoy! 

This dog park is also right next to Loch Haven Park, so you can walk your dogs on a leash in this park before or after your visit to the dog park! The park has an unfenced walking trail that’s open and sunny, and there is a parking lot across the street and right in front of the dog park area for you to park and there’s also a playground for kids. 

Both the dog park and Loch Haven park are located inside Loch Haven neighborhood, so if you like the area, give me a call and let’s start your home search! Check out more about this dog park below:

Loch Haven Dog Park (aka Hoover Dog Park)

3469 Loch Haven Dr

Hoover, AL 35216 

Pelham City Park Dog Park – Pelham, AL 

The Pelham City Dog Park is a great spot for you and your dogs to enjoy the outdoors and watch your dogs play! The dog park is open and sunny and there are several canopies to give you and your dogs some shade. The dog park enclosure is divided into two sides, one for large dogs and one for small dogs.  

There are plenty of places to sit and watch your dogs and also dog obstacle toys for your dogs to play on as they run around.

This dog park is located inside of Pelham City Park and connects to the Greenway Trail, which has over 6-1/2 miles for you and your pups to walk on (with a leash)! The Greenway Trail will soon connect to Oak Mountain State Park, which is also working on their own dog park (so stay tuned for this dog park to be added to the list!).

Check out more about The Pelham Dog Park and Pelham City Park here:

Pelham City Dog Park

31-33 Belle Vista Mhp

Pelham, AL 35124

Beneful Dream Dog Park – Alabaster, AL

Beneful Dream Dog park is located inside of Veterans Park in Alabaster. This large park (like Pelham city park) has soccer fields, baseball / softball fields, pavilions, benches, walking trails, multiple playgrounds, skate park, etc. and is a great place for you and your dog to spend the day! 

The dog park here is made up of two enclosed pens for small and large dogs. There’s shade provided by trees along the perimeter of both parks and a pavilion for dog owners to sit and relax under. Otherwise, both enclosures are open to the sun! On the small dog side there are small water pools for your tiny pups to enjoy.

The large dog side has dog ‘hoops’ for dogs to jump through and a water area for dogs to play in! The water area is the best I’ve seen from any of the dog parks in this blog, so your dogs are sure to enjoy cooling off here. Both enclosures have plenty of space for your dogs to run around and play. You can also walk your dogs with a leash on throughout the park.

Learn more about Veteran’s Park in Alabaster here: 

Veterans Park Alabaster – Beneful Dream Dog Park

7305 Hwy 119

Alabaster, AL 35007

Cahaba Dog Park – Trussville, AL

The Trussville Dog Park is a large dog park with two enclosures and separate entrances for both small and large dogs. This dog park is located behind the Cahaba Elementary School and next to their softball field. The large dog park enclosure is near a creek and there are concrete picnic tables outside. 

There are also plenty of plastic chairs inside both the large and small dog parks to sit on. There are bowls for water and plenty of shade from trees in both dog parks.

Learn more about this park before you go:

Cahaba Dog Park – Trussville

531 Cherokee Dr, Trussville, AL 35173

Jemison Dog Trail Park – Mountain Brook, AL 

This dog park is really for those in the neighborhood. Jemison Trail Dog Park is close to Crestline park and the Birmingham Zoo! It’s near homes and behind the Mountain Brook Elementary School and beside the Mountain Brook Elementary Field (where no dogs are allowed!). There’s a playground and tennis courts here as well.  

The Jemison Trail is 2-1/2 miles and runs between the Parkway and Shades Creek, so it’s a great walk for your dogs on a leash! The dog park itself is small,  and there is no large or small separation as the sign states that only one dog family at a time can use the park. There are benches to sit on inside and a water fountain for dogs and people. Unless you live close-by, the dog park itself may not be worth the trip, but you and your dog may love the trail! Learn more about this dog park here:

Jemison Trail Dog Park – Mountain Brook

2973 Cahaba Rd

Mountain Brook, AL 35223

More Dog Parks to Keep a Lookout For!

So as you can see, there are plenty of places to take your dogs in the Birmingham area! If I missed a dog park, let me know in the comments below. Most outdoor parks and breweries downtown are dog friendly, and you can even find a few restaurants that will allow your dogs to sit with you on the patio while you eat.

Keep in mind, there are a few more dog parks that are on the way! Oak Mountain State Park is working on opening a dog park! Which means there will soon be another great location to take your pooch!

There are other places that you can become members of, such as Cahaba Beach Dog Park, so your dog(s) can run around in a private park!

This private dog park is for members only and offers 3 acres of leash free areas for your dogs to enjoy! Dogs have to meet certain criteria like being vaccinated and have a calm temperament, so learn about the features of being a member of Cahaba Beach Dog Park and membership information here:

Cahaba Beach Dog Park

3555 Cahaba Beach Rd, Birmingham, AL 35242


There’s also another dog park that shows up when you Google dog parks in Birmingham that we didn’t add to the list above. It’s called Green Springs Dog Park and it’s located at George Ward Park. There are benches to sit on while your dog plays and some dog tunnels for your dogs to run through. This dog park is next to a run down park and it’s not kept up. The trees, plants, and grass are overgrown, and if you visit I recommend taking a friend or two with you and going during the daytime. 

Learn more about this dog park here:

Green Springs Dog Park at George Ward Park

Green Springs Dog Park, Birmingham, AL 35205

For this next part of the blog, let’s focus in on Pelham, Alabama.

More Parks and Outdoor Adventures in Birmingham, Alabama

Looking for more ways to enjoy the outdoors in Pelham? Check out these parks that are located in Pelham, Alabama (one of them includes the dog park that we mentioned earlier in this blog): Parks in Pelham

Here are a few other outdoor activities that you and your family can enjoy! If you’re into golf, check out the Ballantrae Golf Course (1300 Ballantrae Club Dr, Pelham, AL 35124) [check out our blog on Ballantrae here: and then join us on a tour of this award winning golf course in this YouTube video: ], or Oak Mountain Golf Course (200 Terrace Dr, Pelham, AL 35124). 

If tennis is more your thing, then head over to the Pelham Racquet Club! (100 Racquet Club Pkwy, Pelham, AL 35124) 

Want somewhere to go diving? Head to Blue Water State Park! ( ) and while you’re at it, watch our YouTube video to learn more about the activities you can do at this dive park: 📺🤿💧 

For live music and events, check the schedule at Oak Mountain Amphitheater.

Okay, this one is not technically outdoors, but for a hockey game, or to go ice skating, you can go to the Pelham Civic Complex & Ice Arena. (500 Amphitheater Rd, Pelham, AL 35124)

While we’re at it, there are plenty of places in Pelham to eat outside while the weather is nice! Some local favorites include Margarita Grill, Creekside BBQ, and McAlisters! There are also two breweries, Oak Mountain Brewing Company (located off of Highway 119 or Cahaba Valley Road) and Beer Hog (down the road off of Highway 31) where you can sit outside and enjoy a cold drink. 

So there you have it, there are so many options to enjoy the outdoors in Pelham, Alabama! What’s your favorite? 

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