How to Get Your Garden Ready for Spring!

How to Get Your Garden Ready for Spring!

It’s officially spring and if you haven’t gotten your garden spring ready, then you need to read this post! We’ll cover how you can get your lawn, garden, backyard, and even get the front of your home ready for spring in this post!

Spring Tips for Your Lawn:

The lawn is the foundation for your yard, so this is the area you need to focus on first. Remove any dead branches or limbs from your yard, then pull up any dead plants. This way you can start with a blank canvas. Fill in any bare patches with fresh soil and sod.

Next, fertilize your lawn and use weed killer. Then mow your lawn. Spring is also a great time to aerate your yard before the weather gets too hot. It’s best to aerate when the soil is damp, so aerate a day after it rains, or even hose down your yard itself!

Next, trim back bush and tree limbs to make sure these larger features in your yard are ready to grow back in full swing during the summer. Lastly, don’t stop once you get your yard ready for spring! Continue to fertilize and kill weeds throughout the summer and mow when needed.

Spring Tips for Your Garden:

Your garden will add pops of color to your yard, giving it a spring ready appearance. First, start similar to how you prepared your lawn. Pull up any dead plants and weeds, prune perennials that come back every year, trim any trees or bushes, and fertilize your garden. Next, add new spring plants and flowers!

Pops of yellow, orange, white, and of course, pink flowers scream spring! If you’re looking for some ideas on what to plant in your garden, we have some for you! Some popular spring flowers include Tulips, Daffodils, Janie Tangerines, Marigold mixes, Minnie Pearls, Peonies, Irises, Azaleas, Sweet Peas, and many, many more!

With an abundance of spring flowers options, you’ll have plenty of flowers and color choices to choose from at your local garden shop.

Spring flowers from Meyers in Pelham Alabama 35124

Marigold Bonanza Mix flowers are a nice mixture of bright oranges and yellows. Add in some Janie Tangerine and Discovery Yellow flowers for vibrant pops of orange and yellow to achieve a perfect spring color!

white spring flowers from Meyers in Pelham AL

If you want white flowers to add to your spring garden, these tall Minnie Pearls are a great choice!

Tulips are a popular spring flower

Pink is another popular spring color, so add some light pink tulips to your garden!

If you have been thinking about planting a tree in your yard, now is the perfect time to do this. You’re already updating your lawn and garden so go ahead and add in that tree you want! Ask your local garden center which trees do best when planted in the spring.

Of course, if you want to plant new bushes, this is the perfect time as well. Buying all of your flowers, plants, and trees at the same time will help you coordinate how your garden will look.

Lastly, you will want to add garden soil and mulch as needed to your garden area. Edge the garden beds to add a nice finishing touch. Just like with your lawn, upkeep is a must! Continue to fertilize and pull weeds throughout the summer.

Prepping the Front of Your House for Spring!

Now that your front yard and garden are spring ready, add some finishing touches to your house! The easiest way to do this is to buy or make a spring wreath for your front door. This will be visible from the street, so everyone can enjoy a touch of spring when they go past your home.

Another item you can buy is a spring festive front door mat. This adds a pop of color and spring feeling for anyone visiting you! You can also add potted plants and flowers to decorate your front entry. Nothings says spring like bright colors and flowers.

Another way to get a fresh, clean look for spring is to pressure wash your driveway and walkway if needed. You’ll be surprised at what a difference this will make! Do the same for the exterior of your home if it can be pressure washed.

An extra thing you can do is to remove any leaves or branches that still may be in your gutters. Removing any items from your roof and gutters will not only make your house look cleaner, but it will make it safer as well.

If you plan on selling your house soon, read this post on Spring 2019 Real Estate Market Tips. The post has helpful tips to get the outside of your home ready to sell in the spring and summer market! For a full list of things to do for both the inside and outside of your house, click here to learn how to stage your home.

Get Your Backyard Spring Ready!

Don’t forget your backyard! The process for the lawn should be the same as for your front yard: pull up any dead plants, remove any broken limbs or branches littering your green lawn, and trim back bushes and trees so they have a chance to grow more this summer. Think of this as spring cleaning for the outdoors.

Be sure to put in some work to spruce up any extras features in your backyard!

These can include a pool or hot tub, or even a water fountain. Do any maintenance work needed such as cleaning, checking the pumps, or even resealing. Make sure your features are ready to shine and work smoothly this summer.

If you don’t already have a seasonal or yearly maintenance checklist, this is the perfect time to create one! Click here to read our post on home maintenance tips that will give you suggestions on how to create a maintenance checklist and what all should be included!

If you’re a bird lover, go ahead and buy or freshen up any bird baths you may have! You can also buy a bird feeder (or two) to hang around your yard. If you already have bird feeders, go ahead and take this time to clean them out so they’re fresh for the new season.

Where to Go in Pelham for Spring Flowers:

If you live in the Birmingham, Alabama area, then we have the perfect place for you to pick up your spring items! Meyers has plenty of spring flowers, plants, and trees for you to choose from! Head on over to Meyers off of 31, the address is below:

Meyers Plants and Pottery Pelham AL 35124

Meyers Plants & Pottery

2935 Pelham Parkway

Pelham, AL 35124

In addition to plants and flowers, Meyers has plenty of garden statues and decorations as well. It’s the perfect one stop shop to find all of your gardening needs for this spring!

Get Started!

Now is the perfect time to get your garden ready for spring! You have an outline of what you can do to prepare your yard and home for spring from this article so you can get started. It will be summer before you know it, so schedule in some prep time this weekend. You’ll be happy you did once your yard is finished!

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