Q: What Produce Can You Find at Smiley Brothers?

Here’s what makes Smiley Brothers such a unique deli.

Today I’m taking a break from real estate to shine a spotlight on Smiley Brothers, a specialty deli and butcher shop in Pelham. Joining me is owner Criss Smiley to talk about what they offer, how they’ve expanded their selection this summer, and what they’ve done to adapt to COVID-19. I’ve been to Smiley Brothers before, and I personally think they have the best hamburgers around! Check out their offerings here!

Watch the video above to see our conversation in its entirety or use these timestamps to skip to various sections at your leisure: 

0:47—All of the products they prepare in-house 

1:43—Highlighting their wine and cheese selection

3:14—Working seafood into their rotation 

3:41—Where to see their latest specials on social media

4:48—How they’ve adapted to COVID-19

5:53—Wrapping things up

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