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Most people moving to Birmingham will need to do research on the schools in Shelby County! Even if you don’t have kids, living in certain school districts will have an impact on your home. Schools are an important part of the decision making process when you move. 

My husband was in the military and we moved a lot and every time we moved somewhere new schools were very important for where we looked for homes.

If you’re looking to move to Shelby county, here are some quick facts:

Shelby County is 810 square miles and has a population over 213,000. Shelby County is also home to several award winning cities, including Helena and Pelham. You can learn more about the counties in Birmingham Alabama in this post.

There are 12 cities in Shelby county: Alabaster, Calera, Chelsea, Columbiana, Harpersville, Helena, Indian Springs Village, Montevallo, Pelham, Vincent, Westover, Wilsonville, and Wilton.

There are over fifty schools when you combine all the cities (pre-k through 12th grade).  

Watch this video for information on the schools in Shelby County:

Figuring out which school zone you want to live in, especially in a county as large as Shelby is, will narrow down your area and neighborhood options. 

When you’re looking at homes, stick to your designated area and don’t view homes outside your area or you might fall in love with a home that you ‘can’t’ have, which is the same concept as looking at houses outside of your price range.

School Zones in Shelby County

As a mother, when I have clients with kids I make sure to ask what school district they want to live in and I double check that all homes are zoned for this school.

There are four different areas in Shelby County that are zoned for certain school districts over the twelve cities in the county.

Hoover City Schools

There are nine elementary schools, two middle schools, two high schools, and one Technical school in this area. Please see this website for more information:

Alabaster City Schools

There are three elementary schools, two middle schools, and one high school in this area. Please visit this website for more information:

Pelham City Schools

There are two elementary schools, one middle school, and one high school in this area. Please see their website for more information:

Shelby County Schools

There are fifteen elementary schools, six middle schools, and ten high schools in this area. Please visit their website for more information:

Do Your Research on the Schools 

As a realtor, I can’t tell you which schools are the best, so I have a few sites for you to do your own research. Great Schools in a great website to do your research on the schools in Shelby County:

Find the schools that are a good fit for you and your kids whether that’s based on grades, athletics, etc. The links to these sites are at the end of this blog post. 

Once you choose your school zone, search only for homes in that district.

Then, double check the school when you put an offer on a house, make sure you know for sure which school zone the house is zoned for don’t rely on what is on the listing info

Shelby County can be tricky. There are some neighborhoods that have more than one school zone, so do your research before you buy!

So whether you’re looking to live in a particular school zone when you move to Shelby County or Birmingham or you live in the area already and want to keep your kids in the same school district, be sure you do your research and don’t just take the zones schools listed on the house for sale information, double check to make sure!

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