Tips for Spring Home Maintenance

Here are four home maintenance tips to prepare for the spring season.

Gone are the coldest days, and we no longer need our heaviest coats. Now we can look forward to spring flowers, breezes, baseball, and more daylight. Studies show we use 0.5% less energy for each day of daylight savings time, so we save money on our energy bills. 

Since spring has sprung, here are four simple home maintenance tips to help you prepare for the new season:

1. Test all safety monitors. Replace the batteries in your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors and any other battery-operated safety devices in your home.

2. Service your AC unit. Have a technician check your AC unit and ensure everything is clean and ready. Also, make sure your outside compressor has no debris around it.

Complete all four of these steps to ensure home safety this spring.

3. Check all air filters. Replace these regularly.

4. Drain the water heater. This is especially crucial if you have hard water because sediment collects at the bottom of the heater. These should be drained twice per year.

If you have any questions about preparing your house either for spring or sale, please reach out via phone or email. Also, let us know if you want an updated value of your home; we’re seeing home equity increase every day in the current market. We would be glad to help you.