Weatherly Neighborhood

The Weatherly Neighborhood is a gorgeous area that has a mix of homes and locations. Weatherly has other neighborhoods inside of it: Olde Weatherly, Weatherly Highlands, The Ledges at Weatherly Highlands, and The Cove. We will cover these other neighborhoods later in this post.

Weatherly is located East of I 65 and is a mix of being in Alabaster and Pelham. There are over 600 homes in Weatherly. Weatherly has a neighborhood clubhouse, pool, two tennis courts, and a volleyball court.

According to a poll from NextDoor, the residents of Weatherly enjoy that the neighborhood is well maintained, peaceful, clean, walkable, family friendly, convenient, quiet, and safe. Some of the popular interests that Weatherly residents have are dogs, walking, seeing live music, travelling, books, cooking, DIY, and gardening and landscape. For more information from NextDoor, please visit their site:–alabaster–al/

Click here for more information about living in Weatherly, the clubhouse, tennis and pool areas, and the HOA fees:

Weatherly is close to shopping and restaurants. We will cover what is closeby at the end of this article, but Weatherly has some stores located at the main entrance. At the front entrance of Weatherly there are several shops for the residents’ convenience and there is a popular restaurant, Joe’s Italian. 

Now let’s take a look at the other neighborhoods that are located inside of Weatherly: Olde Weatherly, and The Ledges at Weatherly Highlands. 

Olde Weatherly

While Weatherly is located in Alabaster, Olde Weatherly is actually located in Pelham, Alabama 35124. So Olde Weatherly is zoned for Pelham City Schools. Pelham has two elementary schools (Pelham Oaks Elementary and Pelham Ridge Elementary), one middle school, and one high school. Learn more about Pelham in this blog (source).

There is a separate entrance for Olde Weatherly, but the neighborhood can be accessed through the main Weatherly Neighborhood entrance. The houses on top of Kings Crest Lane also have a closer entrance into the neighborhood from Highway 332. Most of the homes are older (hence the name Olde Weatherly), and a lot of them sit on large, wooded lots that give the homeowners a lot of privacy.

Take a video tour through Olde Weatherly:

According to a poll from NextDoor, residents love living in Olde Weatherly because it is beautiful, peaceful, friendly, and well maintained. Residents also love the wildlife, privacy, woods, and nature that this neighborhood provides them. The poll also shows the top neighbor interests are: dogs, family, gardening and landscape, walking, travel, music, volunteering, home improvement, DIY, hunting, and marksmanship (source).

Some of the houses on King’s Crest Lane have amazing views of the area. This row of homes is close to The Ledges neighborhood, but the streets do not connect.

Views from Kings Crest Lane
Views from Kings Crest Lane

Residents of Olde Weatherly can apply to have access to the Weatherly Neighborhood Tennis Courts and pool. There are limited slots available. Please contact Weatherly for more information:

For more information about Olde Weatherly, including a list of utility and cable companies, see their website:

Weatherly Highlands in Pelham

The Weatherly Highlands is made up of The Ledges at Weatherly Highlands and the Cove. This area is the back portion of the neighborhood and ends where the Ballantrae neighborhood begins. The most scenic houses are those at The Ledges, so we will cover this section next.

The Ledges at Weatherly Highlands in Pelham

Let’s talk about this neighborhood in Pelham with these gorgeous views! The Ledges at Weatherly Highlands is located in Pelham, Alabama 35124.

View from one of the Ledges’ homes. Courtesy of Denise Taylor.

Here is a video for a tour through The Ledges so you can get a feel for the neighborhood. At the end of the video we also show what’s closeby:

The Ledges at Weatherly Highlands is located at the end of the Weatherly neighborhood. It is still East of I 65 and one of the last subdivisions before you enter the Ballantrae Neighborhood (the last area of Weathlery is The Cove neigborhood area). 

This neighborhood is zoned for Pelham City Schools. As stated before in the Olde Weatherly section, Pelham offers two elementary schools, one middle school, and one high school.

The Ledges is still a part of Weatherly. There are over 100 homes, half of these look over the mountain for stunning views! This neighborhood was built in the early 2000s. Most of the homes are slab houses with four sided brick and are one and a half stories. The houses range from $350 – $500K depending on which side of the street you’re after. 

Photo courtesy of Denise Taylor.

According to a NextDoor poll, residents love living in The Ledges because of the nature, scenery, wildlife, atmosphere, security, woods, and community, in addition to the neighborhood being peaceful, beautiful, and clean. The Ledges residents are interested in walking, gardening, landscape, cooking, baking, travel, dogs, home improvement, DIY, books, family, live music and more according to the NextDoor site (source).

The Cove in Pelham

The Cove is a small neighborhood that is at the back of Weatherly and concludes The Weatherly area. The next section begins a new neighborhood: Ballantrae. If you’re interested in learning more about Ballantrae, click here.

What’s Close to The Weatherly Neighborhoods:

In addition to the stores and Joe’s Italian restaurant at the front entrance of the Weatherly Neighborhood we mentioned in the first section, there are also two close shopping centers: Pelham Towne Center and Colonial Promenade Alabaster. Whether you’re looking to live in Weatherly, Olde Weatherly, Weatherly Highlands, or The Ledges at Weatherly Highlands, there are plenty of things to do in the area!

Ballantrae Golf is close to the Weatherly neighborhoods! This is an 18 hole golf course with a Scottish themed ClubHouse. The ClubHouse has a Grille and golf shop inside and they offer golf lessons. For more information on Ballantrae Golf, please visit their site:

Photo courtesy of Alan Bates #alanbatesphotography

Outside of these things, Pelham has a lot of things to keep you busy! From a Racquet Club, Civic Center, ice skating rink, scuba dive lessons at Blue Water Park, to concerts at Oak Mountain Ampitheater, and plenty of outdoor activities at Oak Mountain State Park, the Pelham area will keep you busy! For more ideas of what you can do in Pelham read this blog:

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The Weatherly neighborhoods are a great place to live. There’s a place for everyone in this large neighborhood!

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