6 Steps to Selling a Home

Most people buy a home with the intention of living there for many years to come, if not for the rest of their lives.

However, nowadays that seems to be the exception to the rule. People move on average once every six years, so that longevity is rather rare.

There are many reasons why people decide to sell their homes. Sometimes it’s due to a new job in a new city, or they may just need a change of scenery.

Some may want to move closer to family members or friends, while others may have lost a job or are experiencing other financial difficulties.

In some cases, they may simply be growing older and are no longer able to physically keep up with regular maintenance and repairs.

Selling a home in Alabama can be challenging, but it doesn’t have to be. Take some time to determine why you want to sell your home.

Create a rough timeline for when you want to put your house on the market, and when you expect it to be sold by. You can sell your home yourself, or you can work with an experienced realtor.

Selling by yourself can be tricky as there are rules and regulations to be aware of. If you don’t adhere to those rules, you could end up breaking laws and putting the sale at risk, or losing thousands of dollars along the way.

Hiring an experienced realtor who knows the laws and the market can take the guesswork out of the equation.

Here are six important steps for selling a home:

? Make time for cleaning

One of the first things you should do is thoroughly clean your home.

Prospective buyers will be visiting, so you want to give them the best first impression possible. Clean each room from top to bottom.

Organize your belongings, and tidy things up so that each room is presentable.

It’s also a perfect time to fix that leaky faucet, seal sidewalk cracks or perform other maintenance that you’ve been putting off for a while.

Make sure that all entryways are clean, replace any burned out light bulbs and faulty light switches, and spruce up your lawn and garden.

? Interview real estate agents

Another key step is to interview real estate agents. Research agents in your area, and visit their web site or social media pages.

Be sure to ask questions about their services and get referrals. You want a realtor who has a proven track record of success.

If they’ve been around for a while, but haven’t sold anything lately, you may be better off hiring someone else.

You want a realtor who understands your situation and will work with you to ensure that your needs are met. A good realtor should be accessible whenever you need them.

They should never be too busy for any of their clients. Set up a meeting with them so that they understand your situation and you know that they have listened carefully to your concerns.

They should also be very proactive with their marketing efforts. Their goal should be to sell your home in a reasonable period of time.

? Plan any upgrades wisely

If you decide on making upgrades or renovations to your home before you sell it, plan for them carefully. You should only make changes that add to the home’s value.

Don’t make changes that are unnecessary or extremely expensive. Consult your realtor to get advice on which kinds of upgrades give you the most return on your investment.

Kitchen and bathroom remodel are some of the most popular. Replacing doors, sinks, cabinets, and lighting can give those rooms a more modern look and feel.

There are also energy efficient products that can save the new homeowners money in the long run.

? Get a home inspection

Hiring an inspector is something that prospective home buyers usually do. However, you can also hire a home inspector before you sell.

The inspector can point out any structural faults or areas that need improvement.

It can help to make any renovations and repairs easier, which can add value to your property and increase the asking price. It can also help to speed up the selling process.

There’s no need to worry about any work that needs to be done once you’re in the contract because you’ve already done it before the sale.

? Take plenty of photographs

Photos are a major influence for many home buying decisions.

People want to visualize what the home looks like, so take a good amount of photos that present your property in the best light.

You may choose to take them yourself, or you may work with your realtor to have professional looking photos taken. They should emphasize the interior and exterior of your home.

Each photo should be clear and well-lit. Grainy, dirty or distorted photos may make it seem like there’s something you’re trying to hide. Give interested parties every reason to find out more about your home.

? Set a realistic price

One of the last things you should do is determine a selling price.

The price you want should reflect the home’s value and be comparable to similar homes of the same size in the neighborhood.

Pay attention to home sales figures in your area. If properties are in demand, it may be okay to ask for a price that’s higher than the market average.

If sales are slow, you may have to lower your price and expect it to be on the market for a while.

Talk to your agent to figure out a selling price that is realistic for the condition of the home, the area that you live in and the current market trends.

Learn more about pricing your home in this post: https://diannahowellrealtor.com/selling/things-to-consider-when-pricing-your-home/

? In conclusion

These are a few simple steps to help you sell your home.

The entire process can take months, so don’t be discouraged if things aren’t moving fast enough for you.

If positioned correctly, the right buyer will come along in time, and you’ll soon have a successful sale.

Taking action to make your home as appealing as possible will bring in enough interested parties.

Keep in mind the fact that buying a home can be just as stressful as selling a home.

Whatever you can do to create peace of mind for both parties will make the process go by much faster.

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6 Steps to Selling a Home
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6 Steps to Selling a Home
Selling a home in Alabama can be challenging, but it doesn't have to be. Take some time to determine why you want to sell your home. Here are six important steps for selling a home.
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