How to Stage Bedrooms, Bathrooms, and Closets in Your Home

Stage a room by keeping it simple. You want to show buyers how much space there is.

When you’re getting your home ready to go on the market, one of the biggest impacts that helps your home sell is staging it. This post is going to cover how to stage the bedrooms, bathrooms and closets in your home. Staging a home is important, so be sure you’ve learned how to stage other parts of you home like the master bedroom. Read about this here!

For other key areas of the home, like the living room, click here and for the heart of the home, see how to stage your kitchen here! Let’s learn more about staging those extra bedrooms, bathrooms, and closets in your home. Staging the entire home is a great starting in preparing for how to sell your home.

This post will be divided up into the three categories: bedrooms, bathrooms, and closets. This way you can go to the section you need help with and get on your way!


This post covers all the bedrooms in the house except for the master bedroom. For each bedroom it’s important to make sure that the furniture fits inside the space. If the room is filled with oversized furniture it will cause the room to look smaller than it is. Buyers won’t know that the issue isn’t the room space, just the furniture being too big for the room.

When staging a bedroom be sure to use light bedding in a neutral color and plenty of space to walk around the room.

On the other hand, you don’t want to leave the space empty. If there isn’t anything in the room it can be difficult for buyers to size the room. They may not be able to tell if their sized bed can fit into the room. You need to a bed that isn’t too big for the space.

Any extra furniture in the room should complement the bed, but not fill the room up. Things like small bedside tables are a good example. There still needs to be plenty of space to walk around.

For extra bedrooms, a desk most likely isn’t needed as it will take up too much space. This is a bedroom space, so remove anything that isn’t supposed to be in the bedroom. If there’s a reading nook in the room, add a good sized chair and a lamp.

You want to keep the room simple. Remove any clutter off of dressers and only keep a lamp on each nightstand.

Stage a room by keeping it simple. You want to show buyers how much space there is.

So once you eye your room for how buyers will see it, decide if any furniture needs to be moved or taken out completely. Buyers should be able to walk in and get to any closets or attached bathrooms easily.

Bedding should be light and in a natural palette. If you want to add some color, do so with a throw or some accent pillows.

The next step is to start cleaning! Be diligent in cleaning the walls top to bottom! Clean the windows as well so they sparkle. The baseboards will need some love too.

Fix any holes or scratches and cover up any marks. If you have any dark painted rooms, it would be a good idea to repaint the room in a neutral color. Darker colors can make the room appear smaller.

Next, don’t neglect to clean the floors. If you have hardwood floors, sweep and mop them. If you have carpet in the room, deep clean and add a little baking soda for a fresh scent.

Now let’s talk about the lighting in the room. Don’t use any heavy drapes. Pull back any drapes you do have and let the natural light in by opening any shutters or blinds you have in the room.


The most important thing you can do for a bathroom is to clean it top to bottom. Make it shine and clean it so well it takes two glances to tell whether or not it’s new. To learn how to stage your master bathroom and closet, click hereto see our previous post.

Don’t just clean the shower, sink, and toilet. Be sure to wipe down the walls and baseboards and clean the floors. Buyers may open and cabinets or drawers, so just make sure these spaces aren’t crammed with items. If you need to, buy a tinted storage box to store items.

Add lemon juice or create your own natural cleaner with lemons so that when you’re finished cleaning the bathroom will have a nice clean smell. A nice fragrance can be added to your toilet right before a showing.

It can sometimes backfire if you try to use any sprays or candles for a fresh scent. The sprays and candles may just cover up, but not eliminate other odors, or they may be too strong for the space.

When staging a bathroom, declutter countertops. Only stage with a decorative item or two.

Since you’ve cleaned off the counters, let’s leave them bare. This will show off all the space in the bathroom. If you want to place something, either use a neutral hand towel that coordinates with the walls, or a decorative item with a nice pop of color. Leave the soap and any bulky tissue boxes underneath in the cabinets.

Mirrors help decorate a bathroom when staging

Once again, pull back any drapes and open the blinds to let the light in. You have already cleaned the windows, so take advantage of the natural light. When you are getting ready for a showing, make sure all of the lights are on. This includes all the areas in your home, even the closets!


Closets may not seem like a big deal, but if you cram everything you own into the closets it will be a turn off to potential buyers. First things first before we tackle the clutter, we’re going to start by cleaning the space! The easiest way to do this is to take everything out of the closet. Then you can clean the space, including any cobwebs in the corners.

Be sure to fix any holes or marks that are in your closet. It’s unlikely, but if your closet is painted a dark or unusually bright color, you may want to repaint the closet a neutral color.

Dust the clothes rack and baseboards as well. Last but not least, clean the floors! We will be leaving these bare by the time the closets are finished, so clean them well. If there’s carpet, be sure to use some baking soda like we mentioned above for a clean and fresh after smell.

Decluttering takes on a whole new meaning when attacking the closets. Try to thin out clothes that are hanging. Don’t have any bulky or heavy clothing along the entrance of the closet, move these items to the back or keep them to one side. Keep the floors cleared off to increase the visual space of the room.

If you need boxes for storage buy ones that are not see through. Stack them on top of the hanging rack. Remove extra hangers. If a closet is empty, make sure you remove all the hangers in there. Don’t even leave one! Hangers are an eyesore for buyers.

If you really want to do some work, you can use the same hangers for everything in your closet. This means picking hangers are the same size, shape, and color. Color categorize your closet and then sort them from sleeveless to long sleeve. If you’ve been wanting to get rid of old items or donate, now is the perfect time to do so!

Take advantage of the fact that you’re staging your closet and remove the items you no longer want. This will also help when you move; you won’t have as many boxes and you also won’t be unpacking things you no longer wear or use.

Mission Completed

Now you should have a to do list for all the extra bedrooms, bathrooms, and closets in your home. Time to get to work and make these areas shine! Once your home is staged it will be more attractive to buyers, which means it will sell faster!

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