How to Stage Your Master Bathroom (and Closet)

Don't block any of the windows when staging your master bathroom. Let the natural light in!

Once you’ve staged your master bedroom, the next area to start on is your master bathroom! Buyers get excited about the master bedroom, bathroom, and closet, so put your best foot forward and make these areas as appealing to buyers as you can. If you need some ideas for staging your master bedroom, click here. When you learn about how to sell your home, you’ll find out how important staging a home is.

Staging a master bathroom isn’t that difficult. You don’t have to bring in tables or make sure the furniture is just right like you do in your living room or bedroom. The main things you can do to make your master bathroom shine are to clean and declutter it.

Clean Like You’ve Never Cleaned Before!

So let’s start with the foundation of the staging: cleaning. Just like in the title of this section, you want to clean like you’ve never cleaned before! Buyers walking in need to see the bathroom as so clean it’s never been used before.

Start at the ceiling and work your way down. Wipe down the walls and make sure there are no holes, scratches, or marks on any of the walls. If buyers see anything wrong that they will have to fix, it becomes work for them. And they will be mentally making a note of things that need fixing and things they want to change.

Cleaning the bathroom so it shines is the first step in staging your master bathroom

If there are any marks or scratches, go ahead and paint the space. A fresh coat of paint makes the area feel new, so this can be beneficial for the space. When painting, choose a light neutral color. This way buyers will be more open to the color as it’s a nice medium for everyone.

Light neutral colors can also help not only brighten the

space, but make it feel larger.

Once you’ve taken care of the walls, it’s time to hit the shower, bathtub, sink, and toilet. You want to clean these so well they sparkle! Use some natural ingredients that will leave a nice after clean smell. This way buyers will not only see, but smell a clean bathroom.

Clean the windows as well. You will be using them to your advantage in the next section! Believe it or not, buyers will open any cabinets and drawers in your bathroom to see how much space they’ll have. Be sure to wipe the cabinets down on the outside and the inside as well. Do not leave any trash piled in the corners anywhere.

You can buy boxes to dump things in if organizing is too much. Although, you might as well take advantage of the process and get rid of unwanted or old items.

Decluttering is the next step. Make sure that you clean off the counters (you don’t want to cover up all the work you’ve done!) so that the buyers can see how much space they have.

You can place a few non-bulky items on the master bathroom counters if you don't want to leave them bare when staging.

If you don’t want to leave the counters completely bare, you can put out a bowl or candle. Just make sure the items aren’t too bulky! Leaving out hand towels and towels is also a nice touch. Make sure the towels are nice and tie into the color palette of the bathroom.

Add a fragrance to your toilet bowl right before a showing for a clean scent.

There shouldn’t be too many personal pictures in the master bathroom, but go ahead and remove any of these. You want to depersonalize the space so it appeals to all buyers. They shouldn’t feel as if they are visiting a bathroom, but rather that they are  stepping into their future bathroom.

Let the Light in!

Lighting is crucial to showing any space, so make sure you have plenty of light in your master bedroom. Before a showing, turn on all the lights and open up any window blinds or drapes. Let the natural light come in and brighten your space.

Don't block any of the windows when staging your master bathroom. Let the natural light in!

Going back to the first section, the reason why you want to clean so well is because you’re basically putting a spotlight on your master bathroom! This is a good thing as long as you’ve put in the work to clean it very well.

Master Closet

Most people think they can hide all their belongings in the closet. But think back to when you were buying your home, one thing you want is a big master closet. Preferably large enough so you and your significant other can fit all your clothing.

So just like the master bedroom, if the master closet is too cluttered, it will appear smaller than it is. And smaller is less appealing to buyers. Clear out your closet as much as possible.

This is a good time to donate items you no longer wear or items that don’t fit anymore.

Don’t have any heavy items at the front of the closet, place them towards the back. Another neat trick to making your closet feel more organized is to sort your clothing by color and while you’re at it, sort it sleeveless to long sleeve as well. Pick a hanger type and stick to it. Don’t have hangers that are all different colors and material, it makes your closet look jumbled.

If you need to use storage bins, don’t use clear ones. These can be placed preferably above your clothes on top of the racks. Just make it look streamlined and as clean as possible. Don’t have extra hangers taking up a lot of space. If your closet is bare, do not leave any clothes hangers! This makes the closet appear disheveled.  

The closet still needs to be cleaned, no holes or marks on the walls. If there is carpet in there, use our previous advice for adding baking soda to the cleaning so the master closet has a fresh scent. Make sure the closet is bright, no dark corners.

Lighting in closets is still important, just like any other room. The only difference is there aren’t any windows to let the natural light in. The biggest difference you can make is changing out a dim light bulb for a brighter one.

Once again, the goal is to create spaces that allow the buyer to envision themselves living in the home. Neutral colors, clean areas, and decluttered and organized spaces are more appealing across the board to all buyers. Your goal with staging is to create an environment of just enough idea for how to use the space. The buyers will fill in the rest with their current possessions.


Whew! That was a lot, but it’s worth it! Now buyers will not only see your master bedroom for the space that it is, but they’ll also see the potential you have in your master bathroom and master closet! To learn how to stage the other bedrooms, bathrooms, and closets in your home with this blog post.

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Staging does wonders for a home. Allowing the the buyer to see the spaces the home offers will be beneficial. For a great first impression, learn how to stage your entryway and dining room in this post! If you have a home office, learn how to stage it properly here! And don’t forget about your garage. We’ll help you get it staged properly with this post.

Keep up the good work and your house will sell faster than having not been staged. In learning how to sell your home, you’ve now started on the biggest part!

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