How to Stage Your Master Bedroom

Use neutral colors and a soothing theme when staging your master bedroom.

So you’re researching how to stage your master bedroom. Good on you! Smart sellers know the value of staging their home before putting it on the market. If you look up strategies for how to sell your home, one of the top recommendations for sellers is to stage their home. Since buyers will be trying to imagine themselves in your home, staging your master bedroom is a good move.

Besides the kitchen room and living room, the master bedroom is a huge deal for buyers. If you want ideas on staging your living room, click here. And click here for information on how to stage your kitchen! For now, let’s focus on your master bedroom.

The first step to staging a home is to figure out what the goal you’re trying to achieve is. This all ties into the purpose of the room; and the purpose of the master bedroom is to create a space of relaxation.

Clean, Clean, Clean

You can have the right bedding, colors, and furniture, but if the room isn’t clean it won’t give the overall experience you want the buyers to have. Take a picture before you start so once your master bedroom is completely staged you can see what a difference it makes! This will keep you motivated so you can continue to stage your home.

Cleaning is always the first thing you want to do in preparing your home to sell. Dust the ceiling and get rid of any cobwebs that might be hanging around up there. Same with the walls. If there are any prints or marks on the wall, be sure to touch them up. If your walls aren’t a neutral color, go ahead and repaint.

Repainting your room will make a dramatic difference! Clean the blinds and the inside and outside of the windows. Don’t neglect your own furniture. Buyers will notice anything with holes or marks, so get rid of any blemishes. Clean the baseboards really well and the floors.

Hardwood floors need to be mopped. If you have carpet, deep clean them. When you walk into a room with carpet not only can you see whether or not they’ve been clean, but you can smell it!

Add some baking soda when you clean your carpets for a fresh smell.

You want the room to look and smell clean! As small as this might seem, nothing else matters until you get the space cleaned. The next step after cleaning the room will be cleaning all the clutter out of the room.

Declutter the Master Bedroom

Take everything off the night stands except the lamp. Lamps add a leisurely feel to the room and immediately make you imagine of lying in bed and reading at night. Be sure to remove and decorative items from the dressers as well.

Decluttering the bedroom doesn’t just include small items. Make sure that the furniture fits well inside the master bedroom. You don’t want any bulky or oversized furniture in the master bedroom.

Staging your master bedroom is important for selling your home. Don't fill up the room with furniture, keep it spacious!

If there is enough space near the windows, include a reading chair or two. Or, depending on the size and area type you are trying to stage, you can have a small lie down sofa.

The goal isn’t to fill the room completely up with

furniture. We still want this area to feel spacious.

Next, remove heavy drapes, open the blinds, and let the light in! Any window coverings should also be taken down as they can make the room look stuffy. Letting natural light into the room will make it look bigger. If there are any dark corners, add a light fixture to brighten the spot up.

Buyer should not be going through any of your nightstands or drawers, so you don’t have to worry about these spaces as much. If you don’t have nightstands, ask your realtor how much it would cost to bring in a few items from a staging company. It’s worth it.

Depersonalize the Master Bedroom

This will be one of the hardest rooms in your home  to depersonalize, but when you are selling your home, it’s a necessity. Take down photo frames, photo collages, and any keepsake frames.The buyer doesn’t need to lose sight of their vision that this is their next home.


The main focal point for the master bedroom is, of course, the bed. So we want to make sure that the master bed is also consistent with the theme of the room. When picking out the sheets and comforter you should use soft colors and soft fabrics. Nothing busy and nothing too harsh should be used.

First impressions are key for the master bedroom. If the bedding for the master bed is a hot pink with a busy pattern then buyers won’t be able to concentrate on the rest of the room. They won’t even see it. All the buyers will be able to picture is the hot pink bed and how out of place it was (and most likely how they do not want a hot pink bed in their tranquil master bedroom).

You want the buyer to focus on the room, not your decorating style!

You want the buyers to walk into the bedroom and immediately feel relaxed. It should be welcoming, clean, and peaceful. Buyers will fall in love with the house based on how the house makes them feel. So create a space that gives them this.

The Space

Try not to leave the master bedroom empty for the simple reason that buyers won’t be able to gauge the actual size of their room. You don’t want them questioning whether their bed will fit in as well as side tables and any chairs. Buyers often are looking for the ‘perfect’ home, so don’t give them any reason to second guess just because there isn’t furniture for them to use for a size reference.

Now, the opposite is true if there are too many things in the master bedroom! Buyers may see all the stuff and think there isn’t enough space for everything. So go back up to the decluttering section and be sure you aren’t trying to completely fill up the space.

Have a balance of enough furniture in the room so that it’s not too empty and not too full.

There should be enough room for buyers to walk around. You don’t want them squeezing by the bed or any chairs or tables if they’re trying to get to the bathroom, closet, or just get a better look at the view from the window.

While everything needs to be clean, the theme here you need to stick to is relaxing. This is the place where potential buyers want to retreat to. To get a good night’s sleep. The purpose of staging is to give them that feeling that when they walk in.

Use neutral colors and a soothing theme when staging your master bedroom.

In order to make it a tranquil space, it should be soothing. Neutral colors, light bedding, lots of space and room will help with this. If you’re staging your master bedroom yourself, ask your realtor for some color advice! They should be more than happy to offer suggestions.

The Finished Room

Once your staging project is complete, your master bedroom will look great! It will be clean, smell clean, be presentable to guests, and feel like a safe haven. But don’t stop there! Continue on and stage your master bathroom and closet.

You don’t want the buyers to be impressed with the master bedroom and then disappointed with the master bathroom and closet. Make them fall in love with your entire home! Learn how to stage your master bathroom and closet here!

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