Resist Deviating from the Contract

What happens when a buyer wants to move in before closing? If this hasn’t been negotiated in the contract, then let’s stop and talk about this! Let’s go over 4 points about why this may not be a good idea in this video, “Resist Deviating from the Contract”: 

Should I Do Something Outside of the Contract?

Sometimes when you’re in the closing process something may come up that you have a question about. A great example of this is if the buyers request to move in before the closing is done. This may seem like a simple request, but if this scenario hasn’t been worked into the contract, then you need to put some thought into this request. Talk to your real estate agent about this scenario. 

Here is what I would tell you if I was your real estate agent. If this wasn’t negotiated prior to the contract in place, then don’t let this happen. Here are several reasons why! 

  1. The main reason is, the closing hasn’t happened yet, the deal could still fall through. 
  2. Your home insurance is still the primary one on the home. The new buyers would have to carry renters insurance until the house was officially theirs. 
  3. This situation could affect the cost of your insurance.
  4. What happens if the buyers move into your home and damage occurs? Who is going to pay for the damage?

My advice is that the best thing to tell the new buyers if they ask to move into the home prior to closing is to just simply say no. Move through the terms of the contract and get to the closing. The buyers will have possession of the home right after closing (unless the contract was negotiated otherwise) and then will be free to move into their new home!

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Selling your home is a huge process! There are so many different scenarios and questions that can occur throughout the selling process. I know you probably have a lot more questions about selling your home after reading this post. That’s why it’s so vital to have an experienced real estate agent by your side when you’re selling your home! If you’re in the Greater Birmingham, Alabama area, and you have more questions about putting your home on the market, reach out to me today! Let me help you through the process of selling your home. 

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