What the Buyer Can Really Pay

Do you know how much your buyer can actually pay for your home? 

When you start receiving offers on your home, make sure you know that your buyer can afford to pay what they’re offering! Check for pre approval letters and more.

Buyers, this is why getting pre approved to buy a home before you start looking is so important! Let’s talk about it more in this video, “What the Buyer Can Really Pay”:

How Much Can a Buyer Actually Pay for Your House?

It’s very important to know what your buyer can actually pay for a home. It’s one thing if you receive an all cash offer for your home, but otherwise, check for a pre approval letter from a mortgage lender with offers to make sure that your potential buyer can actually afford what they are offering for your home.

A pre approval letter doesn’t necessarily mean that the amount stated is the highest that the buyer can go, but you’ll know that the buyer can afford the specific amount stated on the pre approval letter. If the buyer can pay more than what is on the pre approval letter, this can be worked into negotiations. Look at the mortgage amount being borrowed and the down payment and don’t be afraid to ask the buyer’s real estate agent questions!

Your listing agent should go over each offer with you and inform you of which offers are backed by a pre approval letter and if you should make any counter offers.  

More Common Questions About Selling a Home

I know you probably have a lot more questions about selling a home and you’re in luck! I have more common questions about selling a home that you can find answers to HERE.

These common questions can include things like can I buy and sell a home at the same time, when is the best time to sell my home, or even at what list price you need to sell your home. 

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Sellers Guide 

I’m here to help. If you don’t see the answer to one of your home selling questions, reach out to me today! I have plenty of resources and expert tips to help you through the process of selling your home.

What Else Should I Ask Before Selling My Home?

Do you have more questions about the selling process? If you are selling your home in the Greater Birmingham, Alabama area, reach out to me today! I would love to help you through the process of selling your home and share all of my tips and tricks with you.

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